Forêt De L'hermitain Souvigné2Forêt De L'hermitain Souvigné2
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A walk in the woodsNatural atmosphere !

The Hermitain forest

The forest of Hermitain covers 1517 acres and is mainly home to chestnut, oak and birch species among which remarkable trees are hidden.

This large forest offers you long walks in a natural atmosphere.

Why is it a must?

An omnipresent nature.

Many hikes.

Ideal for lovers of walks.

On foot or on horseback

find the hike you need !

Many hiking trails are marked to discover this forest. Surrounded by the region’s characteristic fauna and flora, enjoy a hike in the shade of centuries-old trees on ancient roads once taken by the Gauls, Romans and Napoleon’s soldiers! To explore the paths of this vast forest without too much effort, ride a mount.

At the rhythm of the hooves, the forest reveals another face to you and the 17 miles of hiking go by at full speed.

Birthplace of the legend of the Devil's Stone

It is said that at nightfall the Devil himself liked to sleep under the stars in the heart of the Hermitain forest. His cushion was a stone whose imprint of his head is still visible today. One day the fairy Mélusine came to meet him and laughed at him. Furious he took refuge near the stone where he used to sleep and in anger scratched the rock.

Will you be able to find the mark of his anger that we now call the “Devil’s Claws”?

The flora and fauna that can be seen in the forest

Stop by the “Patriarch” oak tree. Baptized thus by the children of the nearby school of La Couarde, it is a typical tree of our forests which presents a long straight trunk whose crown culminates at about thirty meters. This young tree, dating from the beginning of the reign of Louis XIII, is now more than 400 years old and is well worth having a portrait taken of it or sitting at its foot to admire the surrounding view!

Keep an eye out, several rare species such as agile frogs, spotted newts, deer or even wild boar, deer and foxes have taken up residence here! Don’t forget, the forest is their kingdom, if you want to see their face, silence and respect are in order!

Also remember to raise your head, the forest is the nesting place of rare birds of prey.

Before going to the forest

4 things to know


Respect trails and nature.


A forest composed mainly of chestnut trees, oaks and birches…


Discovery trail in the forest.


Picnic area.