Pont romain Azay-le-BrûléPont romain Azay-le-Brûlé
©Pont romain Azay-le-Brûlé|S. Zwarteveen-OTHVS
Historical adventuresIn the Haut Val de Sèvre

Historical adventures

A territory rich in history.

History is a way to go back in time, and experience another moment from our past. From prehistory to the Gauls and the Roman era, through to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance… Protestantism, the Huguenots and the World Wars… Everything you are looking for in terms of historical adventures, you will find it here , on the territory of the Haut Val de Sèvre.


Remarkable and listed historical sites

The Roman bridge in Azay Le Bruler and the Gaulish road known as the “Chemin Chevaleret” linking Poitiers to the sea, was improved by the Romans and still exists today.

Remarkable people… The Château de Cherveux, built in the 15th century by Robert Cunningham, a Scottish captain, who after serving Charles VII  became captain of the guard under Louis XI.