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PrehistoryA child's play!

Family workshops at the museum

Good news for families: your children will not be bored at the Bougon Tumulus Museum! They can experiment in a playful way with all the richness of past craft techniques. They will discover, for example, the practices and the life of Prehistory through workshops.

Why is it a must?

You have a wide choice of activities.

There’s something for all ages.

Participatory workshops.

Family treasure hunt.

Kids love going there.

Workshops on ceramics and making old paintings

If you feel like it, you can also take the game. Some sessions are planned for families. For example, you can create your own Neolithic tea party, make a superb trendy necklace with the materials of the time, or even discover the use of baked clay.

And finally for the more adventurous, the Enigmanéo activity! You will be confronted with many puzzles about the museum which will allow you to better discover the places. This treasure hunt takes you back to prehistoric times.

Sample of lively workshops

For 3-6 year olds

  • Make a work in the style of prehistoric men using ochres and charcoal.
  • Discover the adornments of prehistory! What materials were used to adorn bodies and clothing? Make a necklace that would have been very trendy in the Neolithic period!

For 7-9 year olds

  • Prehistory and music ! Come discover the instruments and shape one to produce your own melodies at home.
  • Shapes and patterns of Neolithic ceramics will hold no secrets for you! Come and reproduce them with your hands
Before going to the museum

4 things to know


Accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Open from 01/04 to 05/11/2023.


Duration of unguided visit: 2 hours.


Free on the 1st Sunday of the month.