Tumulus de BougonTumulus de Bougon
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Mysterious journeyin time and history

Museum of the Tumulus of Bougon

Did you know that the Haut Val de Sèvre has been inhabited for thousands of years? In Bougon, the Museum of the Tumulus recounts the history of this exceptional archaeological site, classified as a historical monument.

Why is it a must?

Discover the origins of humanity.

More than 20 hectares dotted with events and reconstructions.

Labeled museum, archaeological site classified as a Historic Monument.

Kids love going there.

The Tumulus

The site consists of six Tumuli of exceptional historical value. The scientists who have studied them, estimate their construction to be 5,000 years BCE. That’s more than 70 centuries that separate you between the builders! Figures that make you dizzy when faced with the constructions in question.

Nestled between the age-old trees and covered by their thin layer of grass, these large mounds served as burial chambers for the remains of men, women and children. The subtle shapes that surprise, give the site a sacred character.

To the origins of humanity

The museum, which has been awarded the label of the Museum of France, and its permanent collections take you back to the origins of humanity in prehistoric and neolithic times.

This pivotal period shows a radical change in the life of human societies and the first major changes in nature as a result of human behaviour :The clearing of land, cultivation of cereals, domestication of animals, sedentarisation of populations and technical innovations (stone polishing).

Activities to understand

Thanks to its diverse range of activities, the Museum of Prehistory will make you lose track of time in both the literal and figurative sense!

Experimental activities and archeological reconstruction points are present all along the way. A Particular attention is paid to the educational approach for young people through fun activities.

Before going to the Tumulus Museum

4 things to know


Museum open from 02/04/2024 to 03/11/2024


Visits and workshops punctuate the season


Museum and archaeological site accessible to people with reduced mobility


Pets are not accepted.