PamprouxPerfect harmony !


Pamproux derives its charm from these small narrow streets and these stone buildings. Take the time to observe the heritage of the town. There reigns here a friendly atmosphere like no other where stones, nature and people live in perfect harmony.


Arriving in the village you can observe the wooden hall and its two-sided roof. Located in the heart of the town, it houses the friendly weekly meeting: the market. During spring and summer, the hall is surrounded by red and pink colors. From these flowers emanates an intoxicating smell that accompanies the visitor on his walk.

The charm of stones

The Romanesque church placed under the patronage of Saint-Maixent was built in the 12th century and proudly displays the main characteristics of the Romanesque heritage. The bell tower is openworked with semicircular bays on two floors. Below, the arches of the finely worked portal are like an invitation to open the door.

Natural spaces

Preserved, they shelter a fragile biodiversity, sometimes intriguing but always surprising!

The Côte-Belet is a Natura 2000 Zone. This mound culminates at 117 meters above sea level, from there, a breathtaking view of the territory is offered to you. This natural site is made up of vines but also of protected fauna and flora. Colors, shapes, no less than 23 species of orchids have been identified. As you walk around, keep your eyes open to observe the inhabitants of the area: tree frogs, green lizards, skylarks… Be playful and try to recognize them by their cries!

Walk in nature

In the heart of this unspoilt natural setting, you’ll find a number of routes not to be missed. For a family adventure, get behind “Le lièvre et la tortou”! Follow Ziclou through the vineyards on a journey through the heart of the countryside.

For a more peaceful nature-themed walk, opt for the vine leaf walk.