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StrollIn the land of orchids

Discover Côte-Belet

The hill of Côte-Belet offers an astonishing panorama of the surrounding landscapes. Here, the hillsides are called bocage dry grasslands. Vines and rare and endangered vegetation cohabit there, including around twenty species of wild orchids!


Why is it a must?

A site listed as a Sensitive Natural Area.

A space managed by the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels de Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

A breathtaking view from the top of the hill which culminates at 117 meters.

A 500-meter course with educational table, to be practiced in family.

A site that bears witness to the presence of rare and endangered plant species.

Remarkable landscapes

The Côte-Belet site is part of the landscape ensemble of Chaumes d’Avon, Bougon and Pamproux. From east to west the two large groups of bocage red land and, from north to south, the plateaus, with much more open landscapes, of Pamproux and Lezay, this bocage band separates the landscapes.

Fauna, flora and geology preserved

Sheltering rather southern plants, the dry lawns of the Côte-Belet are known for their orchids: 23 species with astonishing colors and shapes have been identified there.

It is also a privileged place of life for reptiles and amphibians.

The discovery trail

The site is managed by the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels Nouvelle-Aquitaine, which aims to preserve this environment and endemic species.
A path decorated with educational panels allows you to discover this preserved site registered as a Sensitive Natural Space at the departmental level.

Before going to Côte-Belet

4 things to know


The site is accessible all year round.


A Tèrra Aventura geocatching course offered from the town of Pamproux joins the Côte-Belet.


Grape harvest party takes place every first weekend in October.


The site is passable on foot or by bike in respect of the fauna and flora.