Lac de Savrellelibellule (Libellula depressa) au bord du Lac de Savrelle
©Lac de Savrelle|S. Zwarteveen-OTHVS
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Nature outings

Do you love to go out into nature and discover the local biodiversity? Then Nature exploration Is made for you! Organised and supervised by some fifteen associations in the Deux-Sèvres, local guides offer to share their interesting knowledge of nature and to make you more aware of the preservation of biodiversity in the Haut Val de Sèvre.

Through more than 180 outings, informative talks and workshops, these outings are carried out in the field, by day as well as at night. The programme is completed by indoor conferences.

Les Fontenelles (pw) 2518Les Fontenelles (pw) 2518
©Les Fontenelles (pw) 2518|P.Wall-CD79

Why is it a must?

To learn to discover nature.

To take the time to marvel at the natural beauty.

To be mindful of the environment.

Children love to observe.

Boots on the ground

Accompanied by a professional, who will walk you through the territory. Walking shoes are advised! Different themes are proposed to explore the local fauna and flora. All these outings are free and open to all.

Discovering in the conference room

Do you prefer the comfort of a good chair? The guides have thought of you! Meetings, conferences, exhibitions and many other events are scheduled throughout the year.

Alongside enthusiasts, it’s the perfect opportunity to develop and share your knowledge of biodiversity.

Nature workshops

For those who like to get their hands dirty, the workshops are the place to be. Practical work, crafts or even building sites are waiting for you to combine usefullness and enjoyment, while being active.