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The 5 currencies of the eco-walk

The 5 currencies of the eco-walkers


We are all co-responsible for the protection of the areas we visit. Follow these tips, simple to implement, and we can be proud of ourselves. To be instilled without moderation in the youngest, as well as the oldest!

   Litter, you won’t throw away

I pick up and take my waste with me.

On a picnic or on a walk, I prefer water bottles to bottles and cans.

   Fauna and flora, you will respect

I respect the regulations related to classified natural sites (Natura 2000 zone, sensitive natural areas, etc.)

I don’t venture off the trails so as not to damage the young shoots that will make up the forest of tomorrow.

   Harvest, you will moderate

The flowers are prettier in their natural environment than in a bouquet.
I don’t pull out buds or young shoots either, but I learn to recognize flora and fauna in their natural environmen

I respect protected species.

I do not pick up dead wood which is a refuge for fungi, insects, birds and which also contributes to soil fertility.

   The wild animals, you will preserve

I remain discreet to observe them.

I never touch a young animal, its mother would abandon it.

I don’t feed them, they would lose their wild instinct.

I keep my pet on a leash: It could disturb wildlife, especially during breeding and birthing season.

  The natural space, you will share

With other sports activities and remain attentive to other users

I do not enter hunting areas to ensure my safety.

I remember to close the fences and gates after my visit.


No to forest fires!

Faced with the risk of fires starting:

  • Let’s not light a fire or a barbecue
  • Let’s not throw away cigarettes
  • Leave the forest roads accessible for rescue
  • Camp only in authorized places
  • Respect the access bans during high-risk periods.


All actors to preserve our favorite natural sites

A defective panel, a pollution problem, a need for security… Thanks to the Suric@te program, I can report any anomaly on the website


  more information : Charte du promeneur de l’ONF / Charte du Randonneur de FFRandonnée

Source : ONF France / FFRandonnée