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A place where it is good to strollDiscovery of the garden

Garden « À fleur d’eau »

A landscaped garden on the edge of the Musson valley

Discover this 5 hectare garden along a walk at your own pace which will guide you through the varied landscape atmospheres that the owner gardeners, an artist in the soul, compose and maintain over the seasons, in the greatest possible way of respect the environment.

From the hillside to the bottom of the valley, 90 meters below, it is a discovery of several biotopes with vegetable, fruit, herbaceous and shrubby plants mixed with nearly 40,000 trees which offer a good to stroll.

Why is it a must?

A unique garden in Deux-Sèvres, combining landscaped atmospheres, artistic discoveries and poetic strolls.

A visit independently or with the help of an audio guide to learn all about the plants and animals that live there.

A walk punctuated with relaxation breaks and play areas for the whole family.

A wooded park ideal for walking away from the heat.

A personalized welcome for visitors by the owners, both gardeners and artists.

Respecting biodiversity

With the variety of landscapes and flora, flourish a large number of insects, mammals and birds. Just strain your ears to hear the mixed songs of the birds during the walk or in a moment of pause and contemplation in the spaces fitted out for this.

Between artistic creation and poetry

Placed in this open-air space and fitting perfectly with it, stone sculptures, stained glass windows but also metal paintings offer artistic compositions intertwined with the vegetation.

These works shaped by the hand of garden artists come to sublimate the work of nature to form surprising compositions of land art: here, a giant snail with an iron shell climbing along a leaning ash tree, or a red-eyed dragon slithering between the poplars.

Throughout the walk, the thoughts of authors, writers, philosophers and poets were sprinkled, always inviting us to reflect and return to basics.

Before going to the garden

4 things to know


A visit of 2 hours embellished with contemplative and playful breaks.


In direct proximity to the lake of Cherveux Saint-Christophe.


Shaded garden with trees.


Open from April 1 to September 30.