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Pedagogy,a second nature !

Ricou Career Exploration

Near the Sèvre Niortaise, the Ricou quarry, a former extraction site, is today a sensitive natural area to explore. The seven habitats that make it up allow you to come across remarkable fauna and flora. The Large Blue or the fire salamander can observed at the bend of the paths…

It is precisely by taking a 1 km pedestrian path, punctuated with information panels that you will be able to better understand the personality of this atypical place. Its mosaic of natural environments, its working face, its limestone surroundings, and its panoramic viewpoints make it a must!

Why is it a must?

Site listed in the regional inventory of sites of geological interest.

Very rich fauna.

Wide panoramas and beautiful viewpoints.

Place of observation equipped.

From extraction to space preservation

Benefiting from a preservation and environmental education program of the Department of Deux-Sèvres, Ricou’s quarry is naturally a place of study. For many years, the site has been occasionally used by teachers to illustrate certain geological term

In pictures...

Before going on the quarry

4 things to know


Open all year.


Part of the site is accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Animals are accepted.


Average duration of the visit 60 minutes.