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Highly magicalPuits d'Enfer

Discovery of Puits d’Enfer

A funny name for a site that nevertheless displays all the characteristics of the idyllic landscape! Between greenery and stream, the walk is highly recommended, and the cherry on the cake… the discovery of the majestic waterfall!

Why is it a must?

A place of serenity

Take advantage of an omnipresent nature

A popular treasure hunt

Parking is easy

Kids love going there

A classified site

since 1927

The Puits d’Enfer site is one of the oldest listed sites in Deux-Sèvres. Recognized for its landscape and environmental qualities but also for its picturesque and legendary character.

There is a remarkable flora in the woods of rocky outcrops.

An quiet stroll and a timeless site

Between the rustle of leaves, the song of birds or the lapping of the stream you will stroll in a soothing atmosphere. Take the time to recharge your batteries near the waterfall by giving yourself a break.

In a soothing setting you can rest, because the steep paths of the Puits d’Enfer are not easy to reach the waterfall!

Discover the legend

For the adventurous, you can go on an adventure with the Tèrra Aventura “In the whirlwind of the devil”.
On the theme of tales and legends, you will go in search of Zellé to discover the legends of the Well of Hell.

A legend that dates back to around the year 1000

A brave peasant from Exireuil who owns meadows in Nanteuil came one Sunday morning to take a look, just before mass, at the field he had mowed the day before. The grass was nice and dry; it would be a good profit for its animals and for the sale. But now on the horizon appears a small black cloud presaging the storm.

It was Sunday, the Lord’s Day. Was he going to lose all the reward for his labor? No, that was impossible! So here he is hurrying back to the stable and harnessing his oxen. However, at that time, to go from his farm to his pasture, you had to cross the Puits d’Enfer stream, above the fall and the waters were still high. The outward journey went very well; loading too. On the way back, the sun which had disappeared not having been able to dry all the drops of water on the rocks, one of the oxen slipped, dragging the other animal, the cart, the harvest and the brave peasant. Everything fell into the “Puits d’Enfer” and no one ever saw them again.

Before going to the Puits d'Enfer

3 things to know


Steep trails.


Picnic area.


Pets are accepted on a leash.