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Terrà Aventura

Become the Indiana Jones of Haut Val de Sèvre and live a unique experience!

The mobile app and trips are all translated in English

Be careful!

The weather conditions of the last few days have forced us to place 4 of our routes under maintenance on the application. The “On ira tous en Acadie” route at Augé remains accessible. Thank you for your understanding


5 treasure hunts

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On foot or by bike, in the villages or on the old paths, through the forests, the bocages and the valleys of the territory, the Tèrra Aventura game immerses you in the history of the Haut Val de Sèvre with its myths and legends.

Thanks to the mobile application, advance step by step on one of the 5 Tèrra Aventura routes in our territory. A treasure hunt for young and old that will lead you to the end of the course where the grail awaits you. You will only want one thing: start over to discover other faces of the Haut Val de Sèvre and collect the poïz, these badges that will be given to you at the end of your quest!