Eglise de SoudanEglise de Soudan
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SoudanAn omnipresent nature


Located on a plateau to the east of the territory, Soudan is essentially agricultural , with the presence of a wood in the north. Its vast natural spaces dotted with washhouses and fountains make it a paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts !

Church of Notre-Dame

The Church of Notre-Dame is one of the many Romanesque churches in the region, classified as a Historic Monument on October 30, 1917. It is one of the few churches that has almost completely preserved its original structure. Surprising in its architecture, modest and unpretentious, it deserves to be discovered, in its very simplicity and its Romanesque atmosphere.

The communal bread oven

To discover the communal bread oven, take the Route de la Poupelière, on the right, just after the alley of the well. Entirely renovated in 1997, it is used every year, on the occasion of the summer festival.

Hiking and mountain biking

Soudan offers two marked hiking trails: “the circuit of the woods” and “the circuit of the springs” which allow you to discover the various washhouses and fountains present on the municipal territory. Moreover, several washhouses and fountains have been restored by the Val de Sèvre work integration team. Coming soon, a hiking circuit to discover Sudan by mountain bike.

“La Pastourelle” is a traditional music and dance group from Poitou-Charentes based in Soudan. In addition to its entertainment qualities, the group presents a cultural interest, both by the repertoire approached and by the instruments used. The association “La Pastourelle” is inspired by traditional music and dances whether they are “from here” or “from elsewhere”.