NanteuilIn the heart of the valley


The village of 1700 souls was born in the Gallic era, on a clearing then cleared, in the heart of the valley. Here flow many springs of white water that have given rise to a rich heritage of fountains and washhouses.

The Bridge of Pallu

Closer to the water, the Pont de Pallu is a bucolic place for a picnic break and relaxation on the banks of the Sèvre Niortaise. Access by the place called Pallu and walk in the Gaston Fournier park.

The battle of kings!

The Haut Val de Sèvre is a land of stories and legends, and Nanteuil is home to its own. In 507, Clovis defeats Alaric II. A great sadness then seizes the Visigoth soldiers who want to give him a burial worthy of his rank. Legend has it that everyone empties their helmet of earth on the body of the deceased king, thus giving birth to Mount Alaric!

Le Magnerolles, classified area

In 2007, the Valley of the ” Le Magnerolles “ stream was classified as a Natura 2000 Zone… to the delight of the white-clawed crayfish, which can now bubble quietly! This classification in no way prevents you from enjoying the pleasures of the river. A picnic in Gaston Fournier Park in Pallu ends easily with a short dip of the feet sitting on the nearby mule bridge.

Treasure hunt to discover the town

Follow in the footsteps of the Chevalier de la Frapinière!
Will you be perceptive enough to collect all the clues? Can you find the Knight’s sword?
Embark on this quest combining treasure hunts and pleasant walks