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La CrècheAt the crossraods

La Crèche

It is from its crossroads position that La Crèche takes its name. Between the ocean and the land, throughout history, it has seen Picts, Romans, Franks, Arabs and other occupants pass, each leaving traces to be discovered.

The church and its organ

It is thanks to a wealthy widow who expressed the wish to build a chapel in the garden of her home, that Notre-Dame-des-Neiges was born. Magnificent church erected in 1858, it has beautiful stained glass windows and a high vault that gives it a particular charm. Take a look at its remarkable organ perched in the gallery, it is adorned with religious sculptures in the neo-Gothic style.

The Saint-Jacques chaplaincy

Enter the old city center and pass the chaplaincy. In this place, in the 15th century, pilgrims from Santiago de Compostela came to find “bed and board” in the evening. The building has preserved beautiful architectural elements: fireplace, wooden door, sink.

Bougouin Castle

This 13th century castle was built by a family from Poitou, the Vivonne. It was erected as a fortified house with its four walls six feet thick, surrounded by a very large courtyard and a garden, all surrounded by moats. Remarkable testimony to the architecture of the Middle Ages, the castle is a private residence, closed to visitors.

The islands of Candé

In the Sèvre valley, go for a peaceful walk along the water’s edge on the islands. They are home to a lush ecosystem where you will observe rare flora and fauna species from this wetland managed by the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The Mill of Pont de Vau

Old oil mill in working order with its wheel and gears, pulleys, belts, oil and hot press as well as many tools related to this activity. Open during Heritage Days.

The Paper Mill

In this former mill, there is now an ecological lodge where you can relax. It is located on the banks of the Sèvre Niortaise and enjoys a lovely view of the river.

Boiron Flour Mill

Located in an old mill, the Minoterie Boiron produces different flours from Deux-Sèvres wheat for professionals and individuals.


Several hiking trails allow you to discover the villages located around the town center of La Crèche. These circuits do not present any particular technical difficulties. Beautiful examples of rural heritage such as fountains, bridges, bread ovens and mills are to be observed along the circuits. Thanks to this preserved environment, fauna and flora aficionados will also find what they are looking for!

Mountain bike routes

For stronger sensations, two mountain bike trails are marked. The first, 13,6 miles is a perfect appetizer of what the territory has to offer, the second, reserved for the most athletic, displays 23 miles. Distances that allow you to burn a few calories while enjoying the scenery!